Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Contribution to the "Doughty Laughing" Meme

LA Kings defenseman Drew Doughty was caught laughing at the chaos going on behind him during a scuffle in Game 2 of the Vancouver Canucks-Kings series.  This is important (as some people have pointed out) because it shows a more relaxed attitude than what the Kings had in their previous two playoff appearances.  But you don't need to know that.

What you need to know:

That's pretty much it.  After the jump, I have offered a few.

Cross between Happy/Struting Leo and Laughing Doughy

Doughty laughs at or laughs with Don Cherry

Nice tan lines, Doughty!

Doughty and Coach Dunlop have a revelation

Laughing Doughty and Illegal Poke Checking Clowe tripping Castro mish-mash

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