Advanced Stats Links


Capgeek – NHL Salary figures and roster player contracts for all teams

NHL Stats Page – This is your basic NHL stat page

Behind the Net – Advanced Player Statistics and Analysis

Extra Skater – Another great in-depth advanced statistic site for each team, player, and game.

Hockey Analysis -- The deepest and easiest in Fenwick, Corsi, goals, and shots stats as sorted by every game situation.  The site features an easy to understand glossary and "About Ratings" page that will explain everything to you.

  • Quick explanation of Corsi and Fenwick stat categories, thanks to Niesy at Jewels from the Crown:
Corsi (named for Jim Corsi of the Buffalo Sabres) adds up shots on goal, missed shots, and blocked shots to track how often the team was in the o-zone. Fenwick is similar, except it only counts shots that get through the defense (blocked shots are taken out). So if the team has 56% of all total shot attempts when a player is on the ice, that’s very very good. If they only have 47%, that’s not so hot. But if you’re sent out in a lot of defensive situations (taking a ton of d-zone faceoffs like Michal Handzus, for example), that can explain a lower number.
Time on Ice -- Shows head-to-head ice comparisons for each NHL game.

  • On Ice For Even Strength Faceoffs -- Number of even strength faceoffs taken in each zone while each player is on the ice.
The Time on Ice links require the official game number.  You can find this by opening the official boxscore of any game and looking at the last 5 digits of the URL.  Example below:
20747 is an example of an official game number.
Hockey Fights Database -- List of ALL (I assume all) hockey fights, and videos if they are available.

Sports Club Stats – Tracks playoff percentages for all teams (and other sports), going over every possible outcome to determine how many times a team finishes the season in the playoffs.

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