Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Puckin' Links: Coyotes Still Exist, Gretzky Wants the NHL in Seattle and So Should You

Deal with it.
The Globe and Mail, your Canadian source for all things Phoenix, keeps you up to date on the Phoenix ownership saga.  We'll do a rundown.  Try to keep up.

First: Glendale approve arena lease and tax for Jamison – or anyone else (lol) – paving the way for Greg Jamison's ownership of the Coyotes franchise and Arena.
Second: Citizens attempt referendum to put lease to public vote.
Third: A bunch of nonsense happens.
Fourth: City rejects voter referendum because...well, various reasons...
Fourth-B: The sheriff down there...I just wished he'd smile more.  Life's not that bad.
Fifth: Citizens won't take decision to court because they have no money and blame the Goldwater Institute.
Sixth: The Goldwater Institute is like, 'do wut?' and waffles on whether or not they want to make a case against something I don't even know anymore.
Seventh: We will know next week if there will be a vote for the sales-tax hike, which...well...hold on...

From the Globe and Mail:

One obstacle, aside from Jamison’s attempts to finance the purchase, remains on July 30. That is the date of a court hearing to decide if a petition calling to put a sales-tax increase for Glendale to a public vote is valid. Glendale officials have said if they cannot get the sales-tax increase they may not be able to pay the $17-million to the Coyotes called for in the first year of a $324-million, 20-year lease for Arena. 
...yeah, what they said.  That's where we are at.  More to come next Monday, I guess.  Either way, the more obstacles in the way, the longer this process drags on.  How long is Jamison willing to wait for everything to get settled?  Will everything ever get settled?  Sadly, Gary Bettman has been the voice of reason through this whole mess.  Good job, Glendale.

Umm...what else...

Oh, Wayne Gretzky going to Seattle now constitutes as news, as it does when he sets foot in any city, foreign or domestic.  Ah, but he has his reasons.

From MyNorthwest:

Dave Mahler of KJR reports that Gretzky is meeting with Bellevue officials to talk about the possibility of bringing the NHL to the area. 
Chris Hansen has said that he and his investment group would bring in an NBA team if his arena plan is approved by Seattle City and King County councils. As for the investment opportunity for a professional hockey team, Hansen has left that open for other interested investors.

First worth noting, Chris Hansen isn't going to bust his ass to get an NHL team.  I'm glad he learned something from his terrible experience.

As for Gretzky, well, he does fit the profile of an "investor."  Gretz has infinity dollars to do with as he sees fit.  He's also Wayne freakin' Gretzky.  Sooo...there's not much we can do about that.

I'm still trying to figure out his connection to Seattle, other than he just wants the NHL there to fulfill some kind of sexual thrill.  Kinky hall of famer.  I'm not sure it matters.  Let's just use this time as an excuse to post a picture of Paulina Gretzky, and wonder how much of Mr. Gretzky's time was spent parenting.  (i'm sorry master gretzky i didn't mean anything by that remark please forgive me you make my dreams come true ooo-oooo ooo-ooo wooo-ooo)
Boy, it's a good thing Captain America was there. Things could've gotten dangerous.

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