Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grainy Pictures of Dirt – KC Ice Center Pavilion Construction Photos

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Here is the progress today on the KC Ice Center's new outdoor ice rink – also known as the Ice Pavilion.  It looks pretty smooth, and there is a lot of dirt.  So, yeah, construction hasn't actually started yet, other than the leveling process.  Hey, here's another photo!
Again, this project is reported to be done by this November, giving Shawnee's KC Ice Center a second sheet of ice.  The ONLY ice center in the KC area with a second sheet.

Meanwhile, Nutbush corroborates reports from Puckchaer that the Burlington Creek outdoor rink is small.  Like, much smaller than a standard size ice rink.  Which is strange, because that rink is supposed to somehow support the Russell Stover hockey program.

From KC Ice's official site:
The rink will help support and grow ice based sports, competition and activities in Kansas City, such as the nationally recognized Tier 1 United States travel hockey program, Russell Stover Hockey 
Really?  How?  Maybe for practices?  Broom ball?  Impressing the opposite sex on a date?  We will see.

Stay updated on the new outdoor rink on the Kansas side with KC Ice Center's Ice Pavilion updates page.  Though the progress on the rink is going a lot better than the progress on the updates page...

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