Monday, July 9, 2012

How About These Puckin' Links Right Here: "This Isn't Baseball"

I got my picture taken with this yesterday.  I don't know what it is.
Here is some light reading somewhat relevant to Kansas City area hockey.  Enjoy, even if you are wrapped up in All-Star fever.  And if you aren't, well, enjoy anyway.

Mavericks Re-Sign Smith and McCready, Add Forward LeBlanc

It's that time again!  The Mavericks are signing guys, so that's fun.  This, of course, is just the beginning, as many of the players from last season will most likely sign over the course of the next few weeks.  A schedule for next season has not been released yet.  So far, the Mavs have seven players signed up for next season.

Derek LeBlanc – signed from ECHL's Idaho Steelheads
John-Scott Dickson – re-signed
Colt King – signed from Elite Ice Hockey League's Sheffield Steelers

Matt McCready – re-signed
Brandon Smith – re-signed
Dave Pszenyczny – re-signed
David Simoes – re-signed

Head Coach Scott Hillman also signed a two year extension back in May.

Lewiston Sun Journal: UMaine Black Bears hockey schedule released

The University of Maine Black Bears hockey schedule has been released, and for the first time EVER, Kansas City is a destination.  Just another reminder that you can still buy tickets to the two-day Ice Breaker Tournament at the Sprint Center on Friday and Saturday October 12th and 13th.

LA Kings Insider: The quotable Darryl Sutter, 2012

Not KC related, but Rich Hammond over at LA Kings Insider put together a collection of the best quotes from everyone's favorite crazy, mumbly grandfatherly figure Darryl Sutter from this season.  Good for a chuckle or two.

The Arizona Republic: Shane Doan deserves better ending to free agency

The title here is a bit misleading to the juicy, dripping nuggets buried beneath.  Basically, more Coyotes ownership news.  So, here is the Arizona Republic summing up Coyotes Ownership Saga Episode XXXVIIII: The Never Ending Story:
Bross and Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney speak almost daily. Doan had set a deadline for Monday to make a decision, but that could change as the team's ownership issues grows more complicated. 
Monday is the day Glendale said signatures are due for a petition to make potential owner Greg Jamison's lease agreement a referendum on the November ballot. However, organizers now say they have until July 16 to submit the signatures. 
Further clouding resolution is a sales-tax initiative petition recently presented to the city to make it a referendum on the November ballot. The fear is if the tax hike doesn't go through, the city might not be able to finance the Jamison deal. 
How much more patience can Jamison exercise? 
What is the Goldwater Institute's next move?
And how much more can the city of Glendale withstand? 
Meanwhile, a group of citizens known as "Glendale First!" has formed to help educate the public about what they believe is "misinformation and exaggerated numbers" being distributed by the petition gatherers, according to its website, and to get the word out about the positive impact a professional sports team has on a city.
So, we may know more about this by tomorrow, we may not.  It doesn't seem to matter for Kansas Citians anyway since apparently Toronto's David Shoalts from the Globe and Mail claims Seattle and Quebec City are the front runners for a team (even though Quebec City and Quebecor never formally mentioned their intentions to have a team and Seattle's Chris Hansen really seems to want an NBA team before an NHL team).  But, y'know, this is the same old story.  Remember, "2b clear, nothing even close."

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