Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Presenting the Missouri Mavericks Playoff Threat Level

Hey, are you a Mavericks fan worried about their playoff chances?!?!?!  Do you want a more visual way to understand how close the Mavericks are to the playoffs?!?!  Do you like threat level charts?! Well, worry no more because Lost City of Bettman presents the Missouri Mavericks Playoff Threat Level indicator!  Currently, the Mavs are in the "Blue", meaning they are every bit as good as last year's Mavs, and should make the playoffs.  But, really, how close are they to the playoffs? 

Remember, the top four teams in each conference makes the playoffs.  The Mavs have seven games remaining, and they are third in the Turner Conference with 72 points.  They are ahead of fourth place Rapid City (72 points) because of their head-to-head series, and fifth place Quad City (70 points).  The Mavs probably will not catch second place Fort Wayne (78 points).

The Mavs will definitely clinch one of the four Turner Conference playoff spots with a 5-1-1 record (83 points), which will be one more point than Quad Cities can possibly obtain.

Oh, this may be of some importance.  The CHL tiebreakers, in order of importance:
-Most Wins (not including shootout wins)
-Head-to-Head Record
-Goals For/Against Differential

Here are their respective records:

The final number is Regulation and Overtime Period Wins.  Notice how the Mavs really cannot afford to have the tiebreaker come down to the GF/GA differential.

The Mavs have a 4-1 record against Rapid City this season, with no games remaining against them.

Tha Mavs have a 3-5 record against Quad City this season, with no games remaining against them.

Message to other teams in the league: Keep the Mallards out of the playoffs, please.

The Mavericks remaining schedule:

@Bloomington, this Friday
vs. Tulsa, this Saturday
@Tulsa, this Sunday
@Evansville, next Wednesday
vs. Bloomington, next Friday
vs. Tulsa, this Saturday
@Tulsa, next Sunday

s/t to The Royal Half for inspiration (i.e. stealing his idea)

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