Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NHL Accepting Expansion Applications, Kansas City Absent from Discussion

The day is finally here!

Today, Gary Bettman announced the NHL will be accepting applications for expansion franchises from interested markets and ownership groups. I thought I wouldn't see this day for a long time, mostly because Gary Bettman pretty much said this day wasn't coming any time soon.

No matter - this is exciting news! Kansas City can finally get one more crack at having an NHL team! The Sprint Center can finally have that permanent sports tenant we were promised!

Oh, AEG isn't interested in pursuing a professional sports team for the Sprint Center?

... And Kansas City isn't even in the discussion?

Psh... Fine. That expansion fee is stupid huge, anyway.

Welp, maybe when the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes inevitably have no home to play in we will have another cha- HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT.

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