Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not Hockey, Just Thought You Should Know

The Kansas City Brigade/Command, the American Football League franchise that played in Sprint Center, ceased operations in September.  But don't fret, local indoor football fan!  Kansas City has a new team – the Renegades – playing in the regional Champions Professional Indoor Football League.  And they are going to play in Kemper Arena!  Oh wow.

The ten or twelve game season is set to begin in February, so Kemper Arena has events for about five or six days over the course of the next year.  Could this signal a rebirth of the arena, a new era, a Renaissance d'Kemper?  Eh, probably not.  But, hey, it's being used for sports again.  As for the Sprint Center, well, it loses its only permanent tenant.  The narrative writes itself.

Here is the team's official stance on using Kemper Arena:
Kansas City is a football town. We know that football is about more than just hard hits and great plays. It's about the atmosphere, and Kemper Arena provides Kansas City fans with best possible atmosphere for professional indoor football. Starting in the 2013 season, fans will be able to come to a KC Indoor Football game and tailgate with friends, family, and football fans. Then they will enter into the largest arena CPIFL, with over 17,000 seats. There will be loud crowds, live music and smash mouth professional indoor football.

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