Friday, June 15, 2012

KCIce: The Best Supergroup Since the Traveling WIlburys

Stick-tap to pucKChaser for uncovering the mystery of the ice rink in the Northland.  It will be managed by a group named KCIce, run by 1980 USA Hockey team member and former KC Blades coach Ken Morrow and NHL21's Paul McGannon.

KCIce's official site

Continue after the jump for the full press release on KC Ice and the new Northland rink.

Press Release Via

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New outdoor Rink to Support Ice Based Sports and
Russell Stover Hockey
 Kansas City, MO, June 14, 2012:  KCIce Management Group announced the development of the new outdoor ice rink at The Village of Burlington Creek.  The rink will help support and grow ice based sports, competition and activities in Kansas City, such as the nationally recognized Tier 1 United States travel hockey program, Russell Stover Hockey.  KCIce, a grass roots organization established by a local group of private and public representatives, work towards promoting and growing ice based sports and the recreational activities generated from new ice facilities.  Ken Morrow, President of KCIce, is a member of the 1980 US Olympic ‘Miracle on Ice’ team and 4-Time Stanley Cup Champion who continually shows his passion for the sport through various outreach programs.  “Our mission is to promote and grow ice based sports,” said Morrow.  “With the addition of the new outdoor rink in The Village of Burlington Creek, we provide a vehicle, generating revenue, to help support Russell Stover Hockey while offering all families an opportunity to experience the joy of ice skating.” 

Russell Stover Hockey is dedicated to the growth and development of top young athletes in the Midwest and across the country.  Russell Stover Hockey provides a challenging environment in which players evolve into well-rounded young men focused on athletic and academic excellence with a commitment to community.

The new rink is the result of a collaborative effort between KCIce and NorthPoint Development.  Paul McGannon, Vice President of KCIce and founder of NHL21, Inc., has a long-standing reputation within the hockey community cultivating Kansas City for the National Hockey League.  “The earlier we get kids interested in skating the greater the opportunity to introduce them to hockey,” said McGannon. 

Kansas City has a growing and evolving ice skating community, but a shortage of ice facilities.  This rink is the first of many facilities to go up in the Kansas City area to further promote ice skating.  “A new outdoor rink can be a fantastic opportunity to introduce future figure skaters and hockey players to the ice,” added McGannon.  “But it’s also about bringing family and the community together.”

NorthPoint Development recently acquired the former Tuileries Plaza earlier this year and is active in reviving the area with more retail stores, restaurants and other attractions.  “We hear only enthusiasm and anticipation whenever we discuss the rink with area businesses and the community”, Nathaniel Hagedorn, President and CEO of NorthPoint Development.  The new rink will have seating around fire pits and provide a cozy environment for spectators and shoppers alike.  During the skating season, November thru February, the rink will provide exciting programs and work with schools, companies and organizations for special events.

The collaboration of the groups will deliver Kansas City’s first outdoor rink in the Northland, located in the heart of The Village of Burlington Creek.  The grand opening is anticipated for November 15, 2012.
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As always, stick close to all KC hockey blog sites for information, especially those with much more journalistic integrity than this one.

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