Sunday, June 10, 2012

Explaining the Game: Non-Traditional Hockey Markets

"Explaining the Game" is a feature in which I transcribe conversations explaining hockey to members of my family, friends, colleagues, etc. who don't understand the sport.  It's for all of you marginal (Kansas City) hockey fans who may have had similar convos in the past.  Hopefully it will help you understand the game a little better using a vernacular familiar to you non-hockey fans.  Or maybe these conversations hit close to home.  Today's topic of discussion: Non-traditional hockey markets

Earlier this season, watching a Kings–Wild game on NBCSN at my mom's house. My mom's special man-friend walks into the room

Him: What's on?

Me: Hockey.

Him: Oh. (awkward pause) Who's playing?

Me: The Kings and the Wild.

Him: (another pause) Does Kansas City still not have a team?

Me: No.

Him: They had one a few years ago, right?

Me: Kind of.  We have the Mavericks out in Independence.  That's kind of like "AA" hockey, though.

Him: Oh.

(long pause)

Him: (squinting at TV) Does that say "LA"?  As in "Los Angeles"?  Ha!  Why do they have a team?

Me: mmmmmmmmmmm (under breath)...go away...

He leaves the room eventually.

The point of this tale being hockey is indeed played in places without traditional winters, so don't act like it's such a crazy thing.

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