Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stanley Cup Finals: Why Should Kansas Citians Care?

Hey, Kansas Citian!  Yeah, you!  The Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and the New Jersey Devils start tonight.  Well, it's going on right now, but whatever.  Do you need a reason to watch the series?  Yes?  Okay then, how about a few Kansas City connections to get you warmed to these teams and maybe find a rooting interest.

New Jersey – Formerly the KC Scouts (1974-76), moved to Denver as the Rockies, then moved to their current home in Newark in 1982.  They have three Cup victories in five attempts (95, 00, and 03)

Los Angeles – Played an exhibition game at the Sprint Center the past three years.  The Sprint Center is owned and operated by the ownership group of the Kings, AEG.  They have zero Cup victories in one attempt (with Gretzky!).

Why you should really care: it's hockey, and once this series ends, it's the painful offseason (and the Royals will be hard to watch for the next four months, trust me).

This is as deep as it gets for a KC for primer fans, so.... yeah.

Might I also take this time to remind you of the Puck-O-Rama series that ran early this season where we helped you fine KC hockey fans without a team find the perfect KC-esque team to follow.  What were those choices again?

Florida Panthers – Southeast Division Champs, lost to Devils in first round
St. Louis Blues – Central Division Champs, lost in second round to Kings
Nashville Predators – Second place in Central Division, lost in second round to Coyotes
Phoenix Coyotes – Pacific Division Champs, lost in conference finals to Kings
Los Angeles Kings – it escapes me at the moment...

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