Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hey, When are the Coyotes Moving to Seattle?

Just a timeline of links of things that are going on with the Coyotes and Seattle and a possible new arena and all of that mumbo-jumbo.

NHL Denies Report That the Coyotes Have Been Sold
Despite a report from KING in Seattle (since taken down) saying that the 'Yotes have found an owner.  This means that they are neither staying in Glendale, nor are they moving anywhere.

NHL Denies that Greg Jamison's the Next Phoenix Coyotes Owner
Yes, Puck Daddy again, and yes, I could write another whole post on this article, but I will take the high road on this one.  The only part I will challenge is the final few sentences.
Everything I've heard is that this is the last year in the desert for the Coyotes.
Sources would be fantastic to list here, as Wysh has not given anything more than speculation in his previous articles.  Bettman thinks Seattle would be a fine place for a franchise, just like he thinks that of KC, LV, Glendale, etc., so yeah, he isn't a source.  Also, other like-minded people are not reputable sources if they report the same thing as you do without sources.
But guarantees have really never had a home in this drama, which seems to take a new turn every week.
No, it does not, because most of this "drama" was manufactured out of some guy in Seattle wanting to build an arena, but who is not in the team ownership business.  Plus, we have been talking about the same thing with the Coyotes ownership for a while now.  That is, there is no real front runner.  "Drama" implies an ownership situation has gone from one extreme to another.  If anything, this situation is droll.  So very, very droll.

NHL Denies Phoenix Coyotes Sale Report, Seattle Sports Fans Keeping Watchful Eye
Maybe if the Coyotes do move to Seattle, they can call the team the Watchful Eyes, or Sky Eyes, or Alan Parsons.  If some guy named T.J. Eckleburg purchases the Coyotes and moves them to Seattle, then I quit.

Concerns Raised About New Seattle Arena Plan
Why Seattle's Initiative 91 on sports subsidies may present some obstacles for a new arena.

Initiative 91 Explanation

Seattle Arena Proposal: Deal Contingent on NBA, NHL Franchise First
What a concept...  Article also explains how I-91 may not be a problem anyway.

NHL Relocation: Why the Phoenix Coyotes Won't Move to Seattle This Summer
Don't let the title fool you, this article does not do any of that.

Personally, I don't know why Seattle "is really the best location for (the Coyotes) to land" or makes the most sense than any other potentially interested city.  Seattle, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Quebec City, Hartford, etc. all have a hockey history, all have an interested fan base, all have no real ownership group, and hell, all have geographic rival cities.  What Travis Hughes, the author of the article in the last link, fails to argue is why Seattle is a better location than any other city.  Greg Wyshynski at least claims to have some sort of weird attraction to Seattle hockey.  I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, or just biased or whatever.  I'm not saying the Coyotes won't move to Seattle.  It could very well happen.  But, the reporting on an initial story (Coyotes ownership) and connecting it to a new Seattle arena proposal story does not a relocation make.

Consider this a Kansas City based Coyotes Relocation Open Thread.  Have an opinion on the relocation matter?  Think Seattle is a nice city to get a cup of coffee?  Think Quebec City is kind of cold this time of year?  I certainly do not share your opinion, so tell us your opinions in the comments.  Come on, everyone has a Google account nowadays, so it's really easy to comment.  To borrow and paraphrase a line from blog Jewels From the Crown, it's time to stop lurking and get the dialogue moving.

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