Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mizzou vs Kansas Club Hockey Photo and Video Diary Part 1

Sergei Federov Russian jersey

If you didn't make it out to the IEC Friday night, you missed a lot of fights, a lot of penalty minutes, and a lot of goals.  Mike Genet at the Examiner has the only write up I have seen so far, so check that out.

Without further ado, here is the Lost City of Bettman official grainy photo and video diary of the 2012 Mizzou-Kansas hockey Border War.

There are, in fact, family restrooms located throughout the arena. 
Pre-game festivities.  Props to all of you people who shelled out the extra cash to sit behind the benches.  And props to the IEC and club hockey programs for selling the cheaper tickets throughout the arena.  Not like that dumb thing back in the day at the Outlaws games where most of the arena was $18, but the first three rows were $40.  That was dumb.
This guy is an usher, but he reminds me of someone...wait, is it this guy?  Maybe that's a stretch.
Missouri and their damn product placement!
Score after the end of the first period.  Mizzou 3.  Kansas 0.  Mizzou scored two goals in the first two minutes.  And the route was on...
Everyone just kind of standing around, probably following the fifteen or so game misconducts.  Oh!  That reminds me.

Yeah, so that was one of two very real fights that resulted in (I think) six total misconducts.
Ah, the innocence of the intermission.  I really hate to say this, but is "Linus and Lucy" (also known as the Peanut theme) just really getting old when the mites play in between periods? 

Zamboni-mania returns!
I'm not lying when I say there were many misconducts.  Oh, and it's sad, but this is the only goal I captured throughout the duration of the entire game.  But, the more important issue is the health of the PA announcer.  Lozenges work wonders, but let's hope he doesn't have some lung problems.

So, this game got out of hand.  Mizzou scored something like four goals during their odd, unannounced powerplay.  We were not told the whole story after the penalties, I fear.

Here's a crowd shot.

The score at the end of the second period.  Mizzou 12.  Kansas 2.

It's good to see about 1/8 of Mizzou's pep band showed up for the game.  Actually, it would have been cool to see Kansas's band as well.  If anything, they would have helped out the arena music guy from playing "Blitzkreig Bop" one hundred times.

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