Saturday, January 7, 2012

Check Out the Shanabans Feature At the Top of the Page

  ^        Hey, you, reader, check out the
//  \\      new attempt at cataloging  
  ||        (cataloguing for our Canadian,  
  ||        British, Irish and island nations
  ||        readers) the Brendan Shanahan
  ||        "Shanaban"videos.  Just look 
  ||        up at the top of the page.
  ||        There are pretty new page  
  ||        tabs you can click on. Just
  ||        click the "Shanabananas" tab
  ||        for all of the suspension and
  ||        head shot fun!
  ||         Eventually, you will be able to
  ||        link to every video.  One day, I
  ||        may include reaction links.  Of
  ||        course, we all hope this is a finite feature,
  ||        since people getting hit in the head is bad, mmkay
           (we all know that is not the case).

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