Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kansas City is Abuzz With Hockey-Related News

A day after the EPIC Kings-Pens overtime game that decided the best hockey team in the history of the world (or something), Kansas City has even more hockey news.  Even the KC Star is getting into the act, after the jump of course:

Randy Covitz sat down with Darth Leiweke (and presumedly KC mayor Slyyyy James).  Just a fun little interview talking about Kansas City hockey fans and the thrill of the crowd and all of that fun stuff...right?  Uh, oh no, no no.  Don't say that...

Via the KC Star's Randy Covitz:

“Kansas City can take its time,” said (Tim) Leiweke, whose company manages the Sprint Center, where an announced crowd of 17,779 saw the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Los Angeles Kings 3-2 in an overtime shootout.“The key is you can chase a team, but you’re going to end up not making a great deal and maybe being disappointed. Or you can wait and not only try to find the right situation, but economically make the right deal.“We’re not chasing, and I love the mayor’s attitude, which is: ‘Under our terms.’ ”

Oh, that's not good.

“Right now there is not an urgency,” Leiweke said. “This building is doing phenomenal. When we began this process, if we would have known this building could stand on its own two feet and be one of the top five buildings (for concerts and family shows) without an anchor tenant, we would have been going around telling people, ‘If there is an anchor tenant that makes sense, we’ll get it, but we don’t need it.’“We’re fine without one, and we probably make more money without one. And the city makes more money without one. That said, if we can make the right deal and find the right team, I definitely think that’s what we have to do here.”
Uh, well, at least no one will freak out too much about this.  Nothing to see here, right?  Please tell me I'm RIGHT!!!!
Via CBS Sports
Via KC Star's Don't Kill the Mellinger
Via Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy
Really, should we be too surprised by Timmy "Living a Lie" Leiweke's statements?  This is the same jargon that anyone and everyone close to AEG has said for the past two years.  Of course, it's good to see some members of the media and blogosphere reacting to such statements, but when does that become blown smoke?  The media can only be angry for so long, but, and I'm sorry to say, the best thing they can do is just keep being angry and mad until that one day the NHL comes to KC for some reason or another.  Is any news good news?  In this case as long as people in Kansas City are talking about hockey (even in a pessimistic light), then I will be happy.  It's unfortunate that everything reported by the media about hockey is usually panning Leiweke (although there is a reason), but as long as they feel slighted, then keep up the talk.  It good to keep the discussion going.  
So, the positivity train lasted about two hours after last night's game until Covitz's article came out online.  Good deal...
But, in other positive hockey news, there are a few special games coming to the area that you should know about if you don't already.
Initially reported by pucKChaser, the NCAA's 2012 Ice Breaker Tournament was formally announced yesterday and is coming to KC's Sprint Center October 12-13 2012.  You can learn more here, but the tourney will feature Nebraska-Omaha, Army, Notre Dame, and historical powerhouse Maine.
Also, if you stuck around after the game last night and watched the Mizzou-Kansas club hockey game, or even if you didn't, you get another opportunity on January 20th, 2012 at the Independence Events Center.  I have been to one of these Border WAR games in the past, and they are damn fun to watch.

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