Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Day of Arena Voting Will Come Anon

I was going to do something incredibly stupid and respond to certain snippets from press articles on the upcoming August 1st vote on Long Island for a new arena/minor league ballpark/etc.  I was going to, but this article by Jed Morey at the Long Island Press has everything you will need to know to form your own damn opinions.  Basically, if Long Islanders vote yes on the arena proposal, they will be one step closer to a new arena and keeping their struggling (but up and coming) Islanders.  If they vote no, then for all intents-and-purpose owner Charles Wang will take his ball and go home (or relocate the team).  This new arena deal appears to be the final offer Wang is making to Nassau Countians to keep the Islanders on Long Island.

Of course, with a ‘no’ vote the implications for Kansas City become interesting.  For example, the city will be talked about for relocation, only to have the Islanders move to Brooklyn or somewhere in the greater New York City area.  Bu hey, the Sprint Center will be on the news!!!  Either way, who knows what will happen, but stay tuned to this channel on August 1st or 2nd (or whenever I feel like looking at the results).  This may mean something for KC...or not (especially with everyone calling KC's chances dead.  I don't believe they are dead, just unlikely that any one within the city would be willing to revive them).

Here is the argument for a ‘no’ vote.

Interesting stuff from over at Islanders’ blog Lighthouse Hockey about a realistic cost to taxpayers with or without a new arena. 

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